We’ve got amazing branding, web design, strategy and marketing skills!

Wondering what exactly Valkyrie Web Design can do for you? We are experts who love to design and develop meaningful and functional websites. Each of them focused on what we do best … leverage your brand to drive business growth!

Strategy and User Experience #1

 >>>Wicked Strategy

Not only do we love to make amazing design work, we understand marketing, and strategy. With over 15 years of training in Marketing strategy and competitive advantage, we leverage this know-how to develop a distinct strategy and analysis for your company. This leads to a clear, and consist vision for your brand and website. 

  • Content strategy and Copyrighting 
  • Messaging 
  • Brand Identity/Voice
  • Brand Value and Integration 
  • Positioning
  • Research Trends and Insights


Implementation #2

Website Design and Development 

Websites tend to be the most important marketing piece for you company, and we want it to deliver results! Everything from web design, content writing and programming is paramount to insure your target audience is reached and stay on your site. …ps.. we also like to build sites our clients can make changes to easily to ensure they keep there content up to date and stay happy, so we make sure the sites are client friendly to! No crazy coding for you guys!

Mobile & Responsive Web Design

Responsive, clean and to the point. That’s our moto! We are determined to stay ahead of the curve with respect to online technologies. As such, responsive website design is our standard.

Wordpress / Website Support

We don’t leave you hanging it, we offer support packages…. also we don’t like to sweat the small stuff, so we pass that onto you. Anything under >20 minutes to change is on us! *some restrictions apply… but call us and we will go over it!

Content development

Each of our projects reflects a comprehensive content strategy that is developed through extensive research and analysis not only of your website, but also your industry and competitors. We strive to understand the perspective of your target audience so we can develop site architecture, special features, calls to action, and lead generation forms that speak directly to that audience.

ecommerce web design

Specializing in eCommerce we design and development, SSL certificates and eCommerce hosting. All of our online store solutions are customized to fit your requirements, industry and budget!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We know you’ve heard this term over and over. But this is vital to getting the people you want to find your site! But don’t worry, we got yah! 


Content Analytics! We try and identify which aspects of your site are performing well, which ones customers utilize a lot, and where improvements can be made. We also look at social media strategies and how users interact with your site via social media platforms, and advertisment campaigns. 


We can’t stress the importance enough of tracking your online activity in order to develop your platform so it is performing at 100% to hit your KPIs. We measure, iterate, and test hypotheses to increase conversions and evolve your digital efforts. We create custom SEO strategy to boost your digital presence. We also offer your team on-going technical and design support and maintenance.