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Website design is a critical first step to the online success of your  business, but where do you begin?
Online success starts with a great website design and you should strive to find balance between creative design, site functionality, user experience and search engine optimization.


Hear what our customers are saying!

Without question, choosing Valkyrie Web Design to develop, maintain and continioulsy develop new marketing material for SWORD was the best business decision I’ve made in 10 years of being in business.
Jeremy Elrod,

President, SWORD International Inc.

Valkyrie Web Design has truly elevated YYC Laser Clinic, with their, fresh, innovative and thoughtful design work. They have gone the extra mile to understand our industry and properly represent our brand. I truly appreciate the continued support they provide with regards to last minute changes, and continuous web maintenance.
Kristin Danielle,

Founder, YYC Laser Clinic

I work in a Industry that require responsive, easy to maneuver websites. My clients have time and time again complemented my site, and asked for Valkyrie Web Designs contact!  Nothing is better then hearing raving reviews from my customers!
Dan Guy,

President, FP CanMechanica Inc.